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The Service 500AF  Rocks the Hit TV Show Mythbusters!

It’s not every day that you pick up the phone and on the other line is Jamie Hyneman of the blockbuster show MythBusters. You can bet we were stoked when he asked about our 500AF 2-Stroke. We believe the 500AF is one of the fastest, lightest and most durable bikes on the market, and if there’s anyone willing to put it to the test, it’s the crew of MythBusters, a show dedicated to testing the enduring myths, odd ball claims, and incredulous stories that we all wonder about.



Service Honda 2 Stroke 500AF Verses Honda CRF450 4 Stroke. The Ultimate Showdown!

Four strokes are here to stay and there is no arguing the fact that they are far easier to to ride. The power delivery is much more manageable which lets the rider go longer with less fatigue. Having said that, whenever you hear someone speaking about a bike they have just ridden for the first time, invariably you hear the reference to a 2 stroke motor. Statements like “it’s really snappy, it feels just like a 2 stroke”. Here’s a news flash, it can never respond like a 2 stroke.




Service Honda 2 Stroke 500AF Verses Honda CRF450 4 Stroke. The Ultimate Showdown!

Four strokes are here to stay and there is no arguing the fact that they are far easier to to ride. The power delivery is much more manageable which lets the rider go longer with less fatigue. Having said that, whenever you hear someone speaking about a bike they have just ridden for the first time, invariably you hear the reference to a 2 stroke motor. Statements like “it’s really snappy, it feels just like a 2 stroke”. Here’s a news flash, it can never respond like a 2 stroke.





2015 Service Honda Model Customizing

Ever think about having the ultimate bike on the track? One that can be your personal works bike is only a phone call away from the guru's at Service Honda. The level of customizing is up to you and your budget and the level of trickness can be tweaked until it can become truly, a unique one-of-a-kind bike. And one you'll enjoy for years to come and our competition will fear everytime they see you pull up.




Motocross Action Magazine Interview: Gregg Foster - Service Honda

The men behind the logos don’t always get the publicity that their high-paid racers do. These men toil behind the scenes. These men don’t know the meaning of nine-to-five and would never be happy taking a vacation during the racing season. The motocross industry is forged by these men. They have dedicated countless hours, risked their finances, and based their lives on the premise of service to the sport of motocross.

The MXA staff decided to interview some of the mover-and-shakers of the motocross biz in an effort to share some of the wisdom, inspiration and experiences of the men behind the logos.




Selecting the perfect motor. You'll be pleased to know why!

Since we build the engines in house, from all new OEM parts, we can choose any engine style and I was never really inspired by the case reed inducted, servo powervalved, CR250 engines from 2002-2007. The 2001 Honda CR250 engine was just a great all around 250 2 stroke power plant. And one thats good for just about everyone who twists a throttle.


Kawasaki KX500AF


2012 KX500AF Making your competition green with envy in the Open class from Service Kawasaki.




Service Kawasaki, part of Service Powersports is proud to introduce the KX500AF. The KX500AF has been in development for over a year in order to bring the finished product up to the high standards you expect of Service Kawasaki. The KX500AF builds on the vast knowledge and experience we have developed from the legendary Honda 500AF. It was natural that Kawasaki would choose to tap the expertise of Service Kawasaki in developing and producing the KX500AF.


Built from all new components and parts through a special arrangement with Kawasaki, the KX500AF is a completely developed high performance alternative to expensive-to-maintain 4 strokes. Details, development, and product support are just some of the reasons Service Kawasaki is recognized the leader in special production bikes and the KX500AF does not disappoint. From crisp clutch lever feel to the fully developed and highly recommended optional suspension by Mx-Tech the refinement of the KX500AF package is apparent.

The KX500AF utilizes the advanced, modern aluminum chassis with refined suspension and an aggressive green look. The KX500AF combines the fierce power of the power valve equipped KX500 engine and the advanced features of the latest aluminum chassis and suspension resulting in a lightweight, ultra powerful motorcycle.

The KX500AF combination of light weight big power and great stability result in a bike that is as at home on a motocross track as it is in the desert and is ready to to tackle the steepest dunes with ease. You never have to worry about needing more power when you are the KX500AF. Priced at $18,499.00

Delivery time will vary from 6-7 weeks from the receipt of your deposit for motorcycles built to your specifications.



Exclusive KX500AF Features

  • Bike can be custom built to your specifications prior to delivery.
  • Quality, reliability, fit, and finish you expect from Service Honda.
  • Custom suspension using the latest technology tuned, specifically for you and your riding style is available as an option.
  • Frame is matched to rider ergonomics to maximize handling and control operation.
  • Semi-double cradle frame design features a single large diameter tapered down tube. A tuned Y section attaches to the base of the down tube. Tuned cradle sections provide a strong, durable attachment point for the tuned billet engine mounts.
  • Custom front air box plate provides optimal air filter sealing and air flow.
  • Unique air boot provides unimpeded air flow to the powerful engine.

Engine Features

  • 499cc liquid-cooled reed-valve two-stroke engine produces horsepower over a broad rpm-range.
  • Lightweight, nickel-plated, low-route exhaust system by FMF offers superb performance and a slim mid-section.
  • Integrated Power Valve with automatic decompression system provides optimum exhaust timing at all rpm for a broader power band that provides more low end torque and more top end horsepower. The Power Valve also makes kick starting easier by bleeding down compression pressure at cranking speeds.
  • Electro fusion Cylinder improves heat transfer for improved power, power consistency and lighter engine weight.
  • Liquid Cooling ensures power output remains consistent and strong.
  • 39mm Kehin PWK carburetor provides light throttle effort, smooth operation, crisp throttle response and excellent ride-ability.
  • Proven, durable, low maintenance, high power engine.
  • Light clutch-lever action.
  • Durable five speed transmission with oil level check window.
  • Lightweight, high capacity cooling system for consistent performance.
  • Primary kick starting for easy starts in any gear.
  • Maintenance-free Digital CD ignition.

Chassis Features

  • All Aluminum perimeter frame is a composite structure comprising forged, extruded, cast and billet components.
  • Front and Rear petal disc brakes help reduce unsprung weight and helps clean the brakes pads for efficient braking performance.
  • Front Suspension features a Kayaba AOS (Air-Oil-Separate) that fork keeps oil and air in separate chambers for stable damping performance during long motos.
    New friction-reducing Kashima Coat treatment on the inside surface of outer fork tube and
    DLC (Diamond Like Coating) on the fork sliders reduces stiction for improved suspension action.
  • UNI-TRAK® rear suspension system features revised shock valving to maximize traction for better front/rear balance, acceleration and enhanced controllability.
    The shock now features dual compression adjustability, for separate high- and low-speed damping tuning.
    A single, large port in the adjuster improves rider feel and adjustability over previous twin adjusters
    New friction-reducing Kashima Coat treatment on the inside of shock reservoir reduces stiction for improved traction.
  • Alloy swingarm uses cast front section, tapered hydro formed spars and forged chain pullers; the tapered spars are shaped to provide a balance of flex and rigidity optimized for the aluminum frame.
Additional Features
  • Works-style aluminum skid plate.
  • Sprocket style chain roller reduces drive lash.
  • Renthal aluminum handlebars are standard.
  • Washable two stage air filter for optimal engine protection and easy maintenance.
  • Comfortable, durable controls and high-quality fasteners.
  • Stainless steel clutch cable for long life.
  • Removable rear sub-frame allows easy maintenance.
  • Lightweight short-length grips feature a special pattern to reduce vibration transmitted from the bars to the rider
  • Wide, cleated stainless steel foot pegs are self-cleaning, resist corrosion, provide excellent grip and fold for extra ground clearance.
  • Rear brake pedal and shift lever are made of lightweight aluminum and are designed to complement the riding position. Brake pedal features optimized ratio to match integrated rear-brake master cylinder design.
  • “Non slip” seat cover for increased rider control.
  • Seat cushion uses foam construction that follows the shape of the fuel tank , providing a smooth transition to increase rider mobility and comfort
  • Rider ergonomics are optimized by adapting the handlebar, seat and foot peg height to place the riders legs at the narrowest cross-section of the frame for improved comfort and handling feel.
  • The slim profile of the KX250F frame, two-piece radiator shrouds that leave the upper frame spars exposed, and careful design of the remaining bodywork make the KX250F feel light and narrow beneath the rider.




KX500AF Specifications

Engine Type 500cc liquid cooled single cylinder two stroke with power valve
Bore and Stroke 86mm X 86mm
Compression Ratio 8.4:1 (low speed) 7.4:1 high speed
Induction Eight pedal reed valve
Carburetion 39mm flat-slide
Transmission five-speed
Final Drive #520 chain; 14T/47T
Front Suspension 47mm inverted, twin chamber fork with 16 position compression and rebound damping.
Rear Suspension UNI-TRAK® linkage system with 13-position low-speed and variable high-speed compression dampening, 17-position rebound dampening, new 50mm piston and fully adjustable spring preload / 12.2 in.
Front Brake Single semi floating 250mm petal disc with twin-piston caliper
Rear Brake Single 240mm petal disc
Front Tire 80/100-21
Rear Tire 100/80-19
Rake 27.70 degrees
Trail 4.8 inches
Wheelbase 57.9 inches
Seat Height 37.6 inches
Ground Clearance 13 inches
Curb Weight 230.5 pounds
Fuel Capacity 2.1 gallons
Colors Green
Model ID KX500AF

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