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Yamaha YZ300 from Service Yamaha

Service Yamaha, part of Service Powersports is proud to introduce the 2010 YZ300. The YZ300 is the perfect bike for riders wanting a lightweight, nimble chassis and a motor with more hit in just th right places. The Service Yamaha YZ300, is the latest model YZ250 with big bore kit developed by Eric Gorr at Forward Motion. It's 285cc in actuality, and is a bore only, not stroked and is combined with Eric's great porting and tweeks to fine tune this mill into a serious treat at any race. It runs great and has that bottom end grunt and a bit more overall ummph, yet smoother transition thru ther rpm range that 2-stroke 250 guys are often looking for. Definitly a very versitile range of power, and great all around bike for our Yamaha fans! Priced at $7,599.00

Delivery time will vary from 6-7 weeks from the receipt of your deposit for motorcycles built to your specifications.

Exclusive YZ300Features

  • Bike can be custom built to your specifications prior to delivery.
  • Quality, reliability, fit, and finish you expect from Service Yamaha.
  • Custom suspension using the latest technology tuned, specifically for you and your riding style is available as an option.
  • Frame is matched to rider ergonomics to maximize handling and control operation.


2010 Service Yamaha YZ300 Specifications

Engine Type 249cc liquid cooled single cylinder with power valve
Bore and Stroke 00.0mm X 00mm
Compression Ratio 0.0:0
Induction 000 pedal reed valve
Carburetion 00mm Mikuni TMX flat slide
Ignition Solid state three dimensional map type digital ignition with electronic advance
Transmission Close-ratio five-speed
Final Drive #520 o-ring chain
Suspension (Standard) Front: Independent double wishbone with Showa shocks, five position spring preload adjustability 00.0 inches of travel
Rear: Pro-link fully adjustable single Showa Shock 9.1 inches of travel.
Suspension Front: need to add oem specifications
Rear: need to add oem specifications
Available Colors: OEM YAMAHA Blue
Model ID 000000

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