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How to Spot Fake Motorcycle Parts: 4 Signs to Watch Out For

motorcycle check up

In this Service Honda guide, we go over a few basic pointers on how to spot fake motorcycle spare parts.

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6 Types of Motorcycle Helmets: Here Are Your Options

motorcycle helmet

if you’re looking to buy a helmet but feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of options available, we’ve narrowed things down to six primary types of motorcycle helmets. 

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OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts: Which Should You Get for Your Bike?

fixing motorcycle tires


When it comes to replacing or repairing your motorcycle, you have two types of parts to choose from — OEM and aftermarket. But which one is better?

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3 Motorcycle Mods to Avoid Spending Your Money on (and 3 Mods That Are Worth It)

parked motorcycle

Personalizing your bike is one of the joys of owning a motorcycle. But to avoid wasting money, know what motorcycle mods to avoid.

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Yamaha vs. Kawasaki: Which Is the Better Motorcycle Brand?

motorcycles on a highway 

Yamaha vs. Kawasaki — two Japanese brands known for their performance and reliability. But which one's better?

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3 Simple Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

motorcycle maintenance

Your bike’s service manual should have everything you need to know about how to perform simple motorcycle maintenance tasks. Meanwhile, we’ve put together this brief guide on tasks you can focus on if you’re a complete beginner. 

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Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist: 5 Parts that Need Regular Replacement

motorcycle maintenance 

Part of being a responsible rider is having a well-oiled machine — literally. So in recognition of National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, we’ve put together a guide on five common motorcycle parts that need regular replacement and when you should replace them. 

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Are You Guilty of These Bad Motorcycle Riding Habits?

Unfortunately, bad motorcycle riding habits can lead to disastrous results. In recognition of National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, we’ve put together this list of bad habits that you just might be guilty of. 

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5 More Safety Myths to Let Go on Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and we at Service Honda would like to remind riders and drivers to do their part in making our roads safer for everyone.

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Which Motorcycle Should You Buy? Finding the Ultimate Ride

motorcycle riding

Which motorcycle should you buy? Your answer will ultimately depend on the kind or style of riding you’re planning to do. For instance, if you’re looking for a simple ride to and from the office, a scooter should do just fine. Are you an experienced rider looking to do some touring? A cruiser may be the bike for you. 

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Is Motorcycling Safe? 4 Myths You Should Stop Believing In

motorcycle under starry nightsky

To help you separate truth from fiction, we’ve put together this myth-busting guide on motorcycle safety. 

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Gear for Bikers: Complete Buyer’s Guide

motorcycle rider gloves

In this gear for bikers guide, we've got all you need to get started with biking, from helmets and pants to gloves and jackets.

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Best Motorcycle Jackets for 2021

black leather motorcycle jacket


As bikers, we all need a jacket, but it’s not a simple decision to make. We want to know what the best motorcycle jackets out there are so we can make an informed decision, and we need the optimum combination of style, safety, and comfort. We want to look good, but we also need to feel confident that our jacket will do its job on the road. 

So where do you start with your research? Thankfully, we’ve done it all for you and saved you the time. Below are five of the best motorcycle jackets for 2021.

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